Appy Christmas from ShellsuitZombie

We’re close to the end of another eventful year. Forget ‘deck the halls’, it’s more likely you’ll deck the person next to you and claim that last discounted wine hamper. We should ditch the turkeys and have Mockingjay for dinner at this rate. Share in the joy of another stressful, expensive Christmas with this season’s set of Appy cards.

Words by Kady, design and art direction by Holly.

Let’s kick off with a festive reminder of the perils of online dating. You know how whenever a bell rings a fairy gets its wings? Yeah, well every time you lie on a dating website you’re not getting laid. Be honest, people.

Elf 6 foot 2

You know Tumblr, and Twitter, and Uber, and Insta… You’re familiar with Tinder, Fruit Ninja and Messenger… But do you recall… the most gay-friendly app of all…

grindr is not a new reindeer

Santa Claus is… no, that one’s WAY too obvious. Sorry. Forget we said anything.

santa swipe

We got a ho ho ho in every city. But sometimes, you just want to be left alone to get some damned wrapping done. Is that too much to ask for? Or did putting ‘world peace’ on the Christmas list leave no room for anything else?

Stop Snapchatting Me Your Candy Cane1

Whatever it is you prefer to celebrate at this time of the year, from all of us at SSZ have a lovely, booze-filled time. We’re off to drink our body weight in Snowballs and let out the elasticated waists on our onesies. See you next year!

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