Being a creative wanker could cut your electric bill

Last week, I had a conversation with someone who’s been in advertising for a long time. I asked him what he thought of Cannes, and he said it was “basically mutual masturbation”. That’s not an uncommon view, and I thought nothing more of it.

A few days later, a link popped up on my Twitter feed that was disturbingly appropriate. Have you ever wondered: what if we could put our collective wanker-y tendencies to a more creative use? Turns out we can.

Pornhub is beta testing the Wankband. Yup, you read that right. It’s a new wearable tech masterpiece that generates electricity to power your gadgets… through, erm, strategic wrist movements. Like a step counter for jerks (male and female).

Take a look at the video:

Now, is it bad that my first thought was ‘Hey, this is really well written?’ And the imagery is perfect.

Pornhub has been doing some really clever advertising lately. They’ve not long launched the first VR twerking bum that works with a virtual reality headset. I don’t think any of us ever believed this day would come. (Snigger.)

With the Wankband, you can finally become the true pretentious creative wanker that your family and friends think you are. Go sign up to be a beta tester before somebody else beats you off for it.

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