Cryptic Kady’s creative horoscopes: September ’14

If you don’t know what your star sign is, shut your eyes and point at the screen (NOT YET, read all the instructions first). Then remember to open your eyes and see what your horoscope is. They’re all good, but don’t be afraid to pick again if it’s not quite aligning with your chakras.

ARIES: You will confuse ‘affect’ and ‘effect’ and people will laugh at you.

TAURUS: Don’t wear the dungarees. Just trust me on this one.

GEMINI: You will clash with a fellow creative over the last slice of Hawaiian.

CANCER: You will accidentally close a file without saving your work.

LEO: A tall, handsome stranger will visit you to criticise your Twitter bio.

VIRGO: Your lucky colour is ecru. Have fun with that one!

LIBRA: You will find money on the floor, glued down by some performance art twat.

SCORPIO: Have faith in your ability… to blag 10% off at Pizza Express.

SAGITTARIUS: Luck appears in the form of a brand’s epic social media fail.

CAPRICORN: The client will like your 4th idea. All you need now is 4 ideas.

AQUARIUS: A bacon sandwich will make your creative partner more bearable.

PISCES: Put your trust in a coloured pencil. Don’t put the pencil into anything else.

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