For a lot of people, the final month of the year is when things slow down. Nobody really wants to do any work when we’re in the midst of party season and there’s mulled wine in sight. Man, there is *so much* mulled wine in sight right now…

You might feel like you’ve got nothing to do. But you know that’s not true. (Oh, hey, I rhymed.) December can be a time to get super productive:

December is for… downtime

Quiet times are when you want to get that pesky admin out of the way. Do it. You’ve been avoiding your message notifications for a whole year at this point. Your phone buzzes so much that people think you own a pet wasp. And it’s only going to get worse. December is the month for a deluge of automatic ‘I’m on holiday, suckers’ replies, which are just depressing to read.

Make it your mission to kick off 2016 with a pristine email inbox. At the very least, go through and systematically mark everything as read. Looking at that red bubble with ’999+’ in it would drive me bonkers.

December is for… the determined

Freelancers are hit hard by quiet weeks and months. In a full-time job you might be stuck twiddling your thumbs until Christmas Eve, but at least you know you’re getting paid. Gits. Christmas is also not an amazing time for recent grads who still haven’t found jobs yet. It’s pretty tempting to say ‘fuck it’ and hide under the duvet until January.

There is work out there for freelance types and the perennially resourceful – if you look hard enough. It’s like scrabbling in the snow for a dropped quid: tough but possible.

December is for… design

Christmas cards! Can’t forget those. You don’t want to accidentally offend that one great-aunt who still insists on writing to you. Do it deliberately, with an edgy, subversive card design that implies you much prefer Diwali.

Incidentally, keep your eyes peeled for some Appy Christmas cards from us lot later this month.

December is for… deep reflection

Go on, have a self-indulgent look back at how 2015 panned out. Those of you with unreasonably active social media accounts will find this step way easier.

December is for… decisions

What do you want to do next year? There hasn’t been much point thinking about it until now, but have a ponder. I’m the kind of person who likes making New Year’s resolutions and then forgetting about them for 6 months.

December is for… something different

If you’re anything like us, you’ve got all kinds of things you want to try out but hardly any free time. As soon as December 1st rolled around, I suddenly had a few more hours a week on my hands than before.

Have I done anything useful with that spare time? Put it this way, I have an enviable collection of leaf tea and 3 binbags full of shredded school reports. Procrastination’s a btch. Be a better person than me.

December is for… decorations

Back in the bosom of your familt for the holidays? Bored as fuck? Yeah, we’ve all been there. Charity begins at home, where your parents or older siblings will undoubtedly find you some shit to do.

Maybe put some of that unused creative energy into dressing the most festive Christmas tree anyone’s ever seen. Just make sure they can genuinely see it through the miles of fairy lights.

What are you up to this month? If you want to be featured on Mad Skills Monday, know something we should tweet about, or want to in some way be helpful to validate your existence, let us know. Email or tweet @ShellsuitZombie.

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