Diary of a Funny Man: The Nottingham Comedy Festival

Summer is the season of many a festival. Everyone knows about Glastonbury, Leeds, Reading and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. As you can imagine, The Edinburgh Fringe is the holy Mecca of all events for comedians across the UK and more than often the biggest or most important gig of the year.  Below the big heavy weight titles however are a plethora of arts and music festivals which happen all across the country on an annual basis. As an aspiring comedian and comedy writer I have come to know the regional and alternative comedy festivals pretty well.

For me this year it’s all about Nottingham. The end of this month marks the first anniversary of my comedy company and my first ever gig in the land of Hood & Co.
More importantly this month kicks off the 6th Annual Nottingham Comedy Festival. This year, just like the last 5, sees a huge line up of attention seeking, socially concerned, funny types descend upon Nottingham in venues across the city and surrounding area. All desperately hoping for laughs, social acceptance and confirmation that their decision to leave jobs and pursue comedy was warranted.

Logo for The Nottingham Comedy Festival 2014

Logo for The Nottingham Comedy Festival 2014

Starting Friday 19th (Oh em Gosh, that’s already a thing!)  And lasting up until the 27th September, the festival offers acts from all across the UK. Ranging from local talent fresh out of Nottingham, to big circuit names such as Gary Delaney, Patrick Monahan, Carl Donnelly, Vikki Stone and even Jimmy Tarbuck OBE!

Venues all over Nottingham and even Mansfield open thier doors to both the acts and the general public.  As the doors open, the fight for bums on seats begins with more than enough shows to take your pick from on each day of the fest. Venues range from what you may expect, such as: Nottingham’s Glee Club, Jongleurs Comedy Club, The Mansfield Create Theatre, Capital FM Arena, to smaller more intimate pubs scenes such as; Castle Rocks Brewery’s Canal House, The Navigation and other pub venues.

A full extensive list of all the acts and venues can be found of Nottingham Comedy Fests’ website HERE 

If you’re in Nottingham you certainly can’t miss it. Even if you’re hidden in the dark depths of Derby or Leicester, I’m sure the locals would hold off any local rivalry and welcome you with open arms if you make an appearance.

‘So Fowler, why so much hype?’ I hear you ask. ‘It’s all very good promoting such a worthwhile festival of comedy and culture, but what’s in it for you?’ Well… Seeing as you felt the need to bring it up, there is something…

Ladies and gentleman of the global webnet, I present to you ‘Andy Hughes & Andy Fowler: Sexy & Happy’

Poster for NCF 2014 show 'Sexy & Happy'

Poster for NCF 2014 show ‘Sexy & Happy’

This year will mark my second (and third) appearance at the Comedy Festival. This time I’ve brought fellow friend and comedy shinaniganite Andy Hughes along with me to join on our quest for career affirming laughter.

‘Sexy & Happy’ is an hour long show of Stand-up comedy presented by our own comedy company Fowl Humour. Andy Hughes and I will present to a hopefully willing audience with 30 minutes each of brand new, original, not yet seen on this globe before, comedy. Crippling nerves aside, we are both looking forward to it. This is this first time Hughes and I will perform a full half hour set of pure stand-up and it feels like a really nice way to celebrate a year of comedy shows in Nottingham.

The first Andy will be crafting laughs via topics such as his own sexual prowess, struggles with masculinity and explaining how to beat up younger, less well-defended children. His upfront and friendly honesty makes for a great rapport with his audience, so it’s certainly a set to see!

With sexy covered, I will be talking all things happy. Things to expect from my set include; A detailed origin of pineapples, a Panorama-esque unearthing of racism in both villages and dogs, as well as all the reasons my girlfriend has given me as to why everything she bakes poorly is the kitchens fault.

To top it all off, as if you needed more reasons to go see how hilariously funny and in debt I am, I shall also be providing more resentment filled observations in one of Nottingham Comedy Festivals Closing shows ‘Ey Up Comedy’ on Saturday the 27th, featuring local Nottingham comedy talent at its best.

Shameless self-promotion behind, I do hope you give Nottingham Comedy Festival a good look. If you are in the East Midlands then please try it out. The scheduled acts promise a solid few days of top quality, new comedy in a city whose creative influences are growing each year. Go online, grab a booklet or even head to twitter for more information about NCF comedy and the exploits of Helen Stead and Elliot Bower’s (The Festival Organisers) hard efforts. And hopefully, just hopefully I may see you on at 8pm on the 25th in The Golden Fleece pub for my set too!
Until then, Cheers from me and Nottingham!

-Andy Fowler

Andy Fowler: Comedian, Writer, Let down.

Andy Fowler: Comedian, Writer, Let down.

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