Face Offs Liverpool: Ker-plank

“I feel like Liverpool punched me in the face.”
- Holly

Yep folks, our Face Offs at Liverpool’s Nook & Cranny (ey up) on Friday night was a roaring success. Most of that roaring was during the planking round, in which everyone got a bit serious. Scary stuff, you lot. Remind us never to take the treadmill next to you at the gym.

If you weren’t there (and shame on you if you bailed on us. Shaaaaame.) here’s not even half of what you missed. Warning: super image heavy, don’t use your data allowance up. Aren’t we nice? Check the #faceoffs hashtag on Twitter to see more of what went down.

It’s not a Face Off until we’ve had you make a video of your obscene team name to cement the humiliation. I convinced one team it’d be a really good idea to call themselves ‘I like underage girls’. Mwahahahahahaha. (Editor’s note: They don’t like underage girls. They’re good, honest people and not sick freaks, at least not in that way.)

We got our teams to go all gangsta on us and write something non-sweary on their knuckles. The teams that used permanent markers by accident are probably still paying for it right now.



By the plank-off stage, tensions were running high. This was about more than keeping buttocks at the right distance from the floor. This was a matter of intense team pride and rivalry. Many people lost their voices and their dignity.


And, obviously, we don’t get through a night like this without making you draw some elaborate genitalia.

In between rounds, the selfie wall got quite a few visits. Yes, we know none of these are technically selfies. But just look at how epic they are.

We totted up the points and crowned the worthy winning team: the amazing Phosphorus Chicken Dick Fascists. Well done them lot.

ShellsuitZombie Faceoffs will return in… well… we don’t know yet. Somewhere with beer probably.

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