Face Offs

Face Offs. What are they? A sick, scientific experiment to reveal the true gruesome nature of the human body? An odd film that looks a bit out of date now? A fight to the death, like in Highlander just with a different way of killing each other? Nah, none of that. Instead they’re a bunch of creative challenges designed to inspire, excite and, ultimately, enjoy. We’ve been facing off (verb: to Face Off) for a while now, getting young minds together to think hard, play hard and, occasionally, fall hard to the ground, crying, with only their shattered dreams for company. It’s all a good laugh.

Face Offs are more than just a bit of fun though. They’re an opportunity for people to push themselves in imaginative ways, engage in new activities, and better prepare themselves for any creative challenge that may follow. We invite the local studios and industry folk down aswell so everyone can share ideas and get to know each other better!

That’s why we want to bring them to you. We want to get your young minds thinking too, whether they’re students, employees, whatever. We want to grab your brains in our callous hands and squeeze them until all the good stuff comes out for all to see.

Sound nice? Have a chat with us, yeah? We promise we won’t actually take your faces off. Not this time.

Here’s how some Face-Offs have gone down in the past:

We’ve had imaginative (and gross?) team names.

Potentially disastrous mix-ups.


Excellent posing!


Teamwork to make you feel fuzzy and loved, combined with competition to satisfy man’s inner beast.



Cock drawing and human tables, which are widely regarded by furniture experts as the best tables.

cockOur state-of-the-art clap-o-meter.

7482717862_f97bf5925b_k The opportunity for glory.


And ultimately, the BEST time.


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