Fresh Meat Party: The Hangover

So, its now Tuesday, and I think I’ve just about recovered from my hangover from Sunday night.

Zombies will eat your soul

In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, it was our ‘Fresh Meat’ party on Sunday, at Slaughter House photo studios in Hoxton. For anyone who didn’t make it on Sunday, I have no qualms whatsoever about rubbing in your face what an ace time we all had.

Behind the scenes, all us zombies got together over the weekend and braved the icy cold weather to film a spoof music video for the event, which is currently being artily edited and made awesome, so watch this space for that. We had almost as much fun chucking raw meat at each other making the video as we did at the party. You might have seen some clips from the video being projected onto the wall at the party. I’m not gonna lie, it was rather surreal seeing my own face eating ham in slow motion, blown up to the size of the wall. Not a pretty sight.

BIG shout out to our sponsors 83 LondonJamesons Irish Whiskey and Oranjeboom for keeping the night deliciously boozy, Propercorn for providing us with the sustenance to keep us hopping all night long, Slaughter House for giving us a place to party and 55DSL. LEGENDS. Don’t forget to check out 83 London’s design competition ‘A Grand for Grads’  - it’s a brilliant opportunity for all you designer folk to be in with a chance of winning some dollar.


A humongous thank you too to all the zombies that made the night possible – including those who contributed their massive artistic skills for the live illustrations, flyers and posters, Whinnie Williams and Sam Ailey who DJ’d on the night and Captain Backfire for entertaining us with slamming live music. Oh, and props to everyone who rotated working on the door to keep out the tramps and worked behind the bar to keep us all consistently tipsy. Give yourselves a great, big pat on the back.

Captain Backfire Illustration battle

What a banging way to start the year. It’s gonna be a good’un!



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