Fresh Meat: ShellsuitZombie Launch Party

Do you want to meet up with the hottest talent around? Do you like loud music, free booze and fun? Of course you do, now find your inner human and stop looking at photos of naked people in compromising situations on the internet. Which we guarantee is what you are doing.

After scouring the land for the UK’s best talent in graphic design, illustration and journalism, we’re now ready to present to you a new crack team of bright young things, ready and raring to take over ShelsuitZombie this year. Who are ShellsuitZombie, I hear you ask? Well, we’re a bunch of ruddy do-gooders with attitude, who are ready to showcase the breadth of current creative talent in the UK and provide young creatives with exposure, advice and a platform to showcase their work.

To celebrate the arrival of the new zombies, ShellsuitZombie are holding a special event at the Slaughter House near Hoxton station in London on Sunday 3rd Feb, and we need people to entertain. We are putting on a night of mischief to get together some industry greats and some insanely good graduates. We have 24 very talented dismembered plastic corpses ready for your viewing pleasure.


And as if that wasn’t enough, there will be a special premier of a film shot by and starring all of our new recruits. There just isn’t enough bandwidth in the world for how great it is going to be. The internet is going to break.


Your parched lips will be thoroughly moistened with smooth Irish whiskey, thanks to Jameson or refreshingly Dutch lager from Oranjeboom. We will also be giving out copies of a special edition ShellsuitZombie zine, exclusive to attendees.

So build a secret hatch to meat land and join us for an evening of dividing and cooking body parts. Or networking. Whichever you prefer.

Come and party with us, because we’ve totally showered.

7pm, Slaughter House, 3rd FEBRUARY 2013.


Check out our facebook or twitter for more information…if you dare.



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