How to stay passionate about your passions

What do you love? Not like in a, “Oooh, I love a good cup of tea,” kind of way, but more in a, “I would love to be ripping the clothes off your desperate body,” sort of vein.

In other words, what are you over the top, a little unacceptably, passionate about?

Passions are a weird thing. They’re incredibly subjective, and what one person gets all giddy about could repulse someone else. They’re also not all that common. While some of us could say in a flash what we’re passionate about, other people may not be passionate about anything at all. So if any of you have thought about the opening question and gone, ‘Well, not that much actually,’ then these words are not for you. Read them, sure, but know they judge you for your lack of enthusiasm.

As for the rest of you, I have a question:

How do you stay passionate about your passions?

Now forgive me, as I know that is a question that should really answer itself. But I’d like to think, if only to put my mind at ease, that you’ve all gone through the same kind of doubts as I have, when you begin to wonder how you’re meant to stay enthusiastic about the things that once made you get up in the morning.

Let me put all of this into some kind of context. Finally. I know.

My passion is writing. I do it for a job, which I know makes me very lucky, and I do it for kicks which I know makes me very unusual. But recently the ‘doing it for kicks’ part of my head has been more focused on sacking it off and doing something else instead, like staring at the wall and hoping it doesn’t feel violated. The kicks happen during my work, and outside of work my head can just turn into pulp.

Take this very website as a prime example. When I tell people I write for ShellsuitZombie, what I should really say is that I was a writer for ShellsuitZombie circa 2013 and that recently my contributions have mainly been the start of a blog post, which after about 15 minutes of stagnating, gets deleted. I could list a tonne of other examples too but they would bore you and it’s already taken me an hour to get to this point.

It never used to be this way, brain! You used to be able to produce sarcasm on demand!

So now the question goes out to you…

How do you do it?

When you work in any kind of creative industry, you’re fortunate to be doing something you love doing on a daily basis. But how do you carry on loving that when you come home? Do you think you have to, or should you turn off when you’ve finished for the day? Do you need other passions in order to keep things a bit varied?

Let me know. Tweet @ShellsuitZombie and tell us how you keep the fires burning for the things you love. For now it’s just me and the wall, lusting after one another yet again. It wants me. It’s just a matter of time.






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