Inspirational Picspam: Year of the Bus

The ‘Year of the Bus’ was actually last year, but the 60-odd mini Routemaster sculptures have been displayed around London until now. At the weekend they were all in Stratford, proving the adage of ‘waiting ages and then having every bloody bus turn up at once’.

Scroll down for colour, puns, ding!, fluff, Twiggy, moquette, the Lambeth Walk and a glorified window box.

I’m warning you all, this picspam is LONG. You might want to take a packed lunch with you or something. To find out more, head to TfL’s Year of the Bus website. (At the time of writing, the site was down, so maybe do that later. Or Google it yourselves.)

IMG_1643 IMG_1647 IMG_1649 IMG_1653 IMG_1655 IMG_1659 IMG_1660 IMG_1664 IMG_1669 IMG_1671 IMG_1673 IMG_1675 IMG_1676 IMG_1678 IMG_1680 IMG_1681 IMG_1682 IMG_1683 IMG_1685 IMG_1688 IMG_1690 IMG_1693 IMG_1694 IMG_1695 IMG_1698 IMG_1699 IMG_1700 IMG_1703 IMG_1705 IMG_1706 IMG_1709 IMG_1712 IMG_1714 IMG_1717 IMG_1718 IMG_1720 IMG_1724 IMG_1726 IMG_1728 IMG_1729 IMG_1730 IMG_1731 IMG_1733 IMG_1734 IMG_1737 IMG_1740 IMG_1742

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