Kanye trips balls, ping pong fans intervene

Oh, Kanye West. I don’t even need to say more than that, and the eye rolling begins.

Not that long ago, he tweeted this:

This has all been widely interpreted as a ‘screw charity’ rant. Let’s all stop donating to non-profits and focus on the world’s biggest charity case, Kanye ‘I AM WARHOL’ West. A man so in need of money that he willingly spends time with Kardashians. Fuck, he must be desperate.

Are these money grumbles the rambling thoughts of a lunatic? This is, after all, the same guy who tweeted:

I suppose when you have over 20 million Twitter followers, basically anything’s worth a try.

While the original ‘gimme your money’ tweets were aimed at Mark Zuckerberg and his fat wallet, some people have dutifully started fundraising pages. There’s Get Kanye Out Of Debt, for example, which has so far clocked up around $7k of a $53 million target. (Current exchange rate makes that just under £5k.)

However: “As reported by TMZ, Mr. Kanye West’s camp has declined the funds raised by this GoFundMe campaign.” So… our cash isn’t good enough. Only the benevolence of billionaires can save such a poor soul. I mean, shit, what if he has to keep wearing last season’s Louis Vuitton for another 6 months?


Enter ‘Balls To Kanye‘. Make a donation – to Cancer Research UK, a charity worth giving some moolah to – and you could have the chance to hit everyone’s favourite nonsense-spouter in the face. With your balls. (Ping pong balls. Filthy minds, you lot.)

One lucky charitable person is going to win this exclusive (and quite stylish) table tennis bat for their efforts. You have to donate at least £2 to be in for the prize draw.




The bat is decorated with sparklies in the image of our lord and master, and the likeness is quite remarkable. A bit like an effigy of Christ imprinted onto your toast, except slathering a ping pong bat in Marmite is never a good idea.

Check out Balls To Kanye and swing by their JustGiving page to send a couple of quid if you’re feeling generous. Who knows, you could win the shiny bat and dole out some whiff whaff-level justice.

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