We at ShellsuitZombie don’t usually dabble in the seedy world of politics but a recent opportunity allowed one of our number to design a print and online publication for three of the most read political blogs in the country, Left Foot Forward (in the red corner), ConservativeHome (blue) and Lib Dem Voice (yeller). The result was LITMUS, a collaborative project co-ordinated by the Rebel Alliance, a brilliantly named (and brilliantly brilliant) team aiming to unite fans with the organisations, brands and in this case questions that matter to them.

Eighteen big hitters from across the political spectrum answered six of the toughest questions facing the UK today and the debate was opened through the three blogs as well as everyone’s favourite micro-blogging platform. Print editions are going out to all attendees at the political conferences happening this month but us normos can download the free pdf version from the LITMUS website right here.

Impress your mates, quote Chuka Umunna MP at Oceana next weekend. Dares ya.

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