Face Offs are back, baby! Liverpool: assume the position.

There’s nothing quite like the nights drawing in and the autumn chill to make you realise just how lonely and dull life can be sometimes. But enough of that melancholy existential shit, we’ve got gonads to draw!


So what the flip is Face Offs anyway? Only one of the best damn nights you’ll ever have in your life. We get as many eager young minds into a room as possible, and we push them to flex those creative muscles (and a few other muscles) with mini tasks and challenges.

We’re bringing Face Offs to Liverpool’s delightful LJMU lot on November 21st. You don’t want to miss this.

If you’re a graphic arts student, bring yourself and your imagination along. You might want to keep the imagination on a lead or in some kind of carry case until you arrive.

We’d also love to see studios and designers/illustrators making headway in the industry to pop along and meet the next batch of talented individuals. Better yet, come equipped with your own challenge to tax some young zombie brains.


If you (yeah, YOU) get your butt down to Face Offs with us, it could change your life. Here’s what might happen:

You will not end your night sober

A fair few people would argue that this is one of the most important bits, so here it is: you can bring booze. The event is not a dry one, and you won’t be met with the same disapproving glares that you get if you roll into university waving a half finished bottle of wine. And while there ain’t no such thing as a completely free lunch, Bring Your Own Booze is as close as you can get. Have you seen bar prices? You can buy a supermarket shelf of beer from the cost of one night out! Alcohol tends to lubricate the ol’ creative brain cells quite well, so don’t be shy.

You will meet people who were born in the 1980s

You weren’t expecting me to shill this event and not show my own face at it, were you? Heck, I might even (wo)man the clap-o-meter for you. I’m from 1987. I’m your future. There’ll be people there who look like they’ve been around the block a few times, so come over and ask us stuff. We may be Zombies, but we don’t bite unless you’re holding a Whopper.

You will get propositioned roughly every 15 minutes

We set little challenges, and you scurry about in teams trying to sort a quick and dirty pitch out. Yeah, you like dirty pitches, don’t you. Scum. Teams will get points/kudos for their ideas, creativity, execution, and willingness to be brave and unconventional. Make us proud.


You will get to show off

We’re inviting Liverpool’s design studios to poke their heads round the door and take a look at you all with a few already confirmed, including our pals at the awesome WellMade! Keep your game face on at all times.

We’re also hosting an exhibition of YOUR work on the night – this does mean you need to bring it to us beforehand. Submit your best ass-kicking and pretty work to Nook & Cranny (details below) before Wednesday 19th November. Please make sure your name and contact info are included in with your work so we can single you out for praise and hugs.

Industry mates and studios coming along to see our teams – don’t think you’re getting off lightly. We know you’re awesome, but we want to see more of what makes you awesome. Get stuck in.

You will see a disastrous amount of genitalia

There’s usually a section of the evening in which we ask you to imagine the most glorious phallic visions of beauty and majesty. Prudes miss out on the points here, so don’t hold back.


Challenges will only be revealed on the night – no prep, you’re going in dry.

So, just to remind you all, that’s NOVEMBER 21st AT 7PM. Here’s where we’ll be:

We’re holding the Face Off at the Nook & Cranny, because we do love our innuendo. It’s re-opened with a brand spanking new look, and is appropriately on Bold Street. Check them out on Facebook.

N&C is also a shop and an exhibition space in its spare time – why aren’t you doing that much multitasking? Slackers. BUT they’re keeping an eye out for fresh, talented and shiny people (hence the exhibition), so turn up ready to show us everything you’ve got.

If you want to know more about Face Offs check out this post and this here video:

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