Mad Skills Monday 011: Jamie Middleton

Welcome to Mad Skills Monday, where we showcase top work from young creatives to bring some creative inspiration to beat the post-weekend blues. This week we present our first film director Jamie Middleton.

Power tool: Lady Grey tea
Power song:  Sleepwalking – The Chain Gang of 1974
Power snack: Kettle Chips

Jamie is a director who uses a run and gun approach to filming. He aims to give his pieces a documentary feel: usually shooting handheld, only relying on small film crews, arriving on set with ideas instead of storyboards and letting the filming flow naturally. His pieces value ambiance and feeling rather than trying to construct a detailed narrative.

He started his filmmaking career by creating music videos for artists including Dubba Jonny and Dexcell. Here is one of his videos for rock band Sansara, shot at one of their gigs.

Recently he has moved onto fashion videos, they make great viewing to chill out to and are heavily inspired by the director Ralf Schmerberg. Our first outing is an underwater film for stylist Emma Jane Smith. Shot by Joe Cook and featuring music from Dubba Jonny, it explores the theme of lucid dreams while imitating the style of perfume commercials.

Below are two more videos for Emma Jane Smith, looking at the views and lifestyle people had in the 1960′s. These are more inspired by rather than set in the 60′s and were shot by Charlene Rolfe featuring music from Mountain Feet.

Jamie graduated from BA Film Production at Arts University Bournemouth and is currently available for work involving fashion or music videos. You can check out more of his work at his website and follow him on Twitter.

Want us to show off your mad skills? We’re always looking for young creatives, students and graduates to showcase for our Monday feature, so send us an email with some samples or a portfolio link with the subject line “Mad Skills Monday” to and we’ll check you out!

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