Mad Skills Monday 027: Łukasz Belcarski

Welcome to Mad Skills Monday, where we showcase top work from young creatives to bring some creative inspiration to beat the post-weekend blues. This week, we have… well… a bunch of expertly-drawn dicks by Łukasz Belcarski.

Power tool: Pencils, markers, paper and the Wacom Intuos 5S
Power song: Die Antwoord – Baby’s on Fire
Power snack: Oranges

Well, holy shit. That’s one way to grab our attention. Łukasz Belcarski is apparently that guy from Superbad who is an absolute boss at drawing penises, and his site is full of them. I’d love to see how he gets on during the cock-drawing round at one of our Face-Off events. Oh yeah, did I mention he goes by the alias Cumformers?

I just crossed my legs.

I just crossed my legs.

Dicks. Everywhere.

Dicks. Everywhere. Coming out of orifices that don’t even exist.

I could try (and probably fail) to write something witty here, but I’ll just quote the bio on his website instead, because it’s genius.

“His libido and some great talent, pushed him to the creation of the world full of rubber desires, wet thoughts and all sorts of deviations. Excited Masturbator’s running in his head and bursting with ever new creations. From the fountains of bursting seed after flying feathery Emotions. Luke tames, pats and hugs our sexuality. In some grotesque and innocence perverse climate reveals our true desires.”


honky ponky


I’m struggling to find the cocks to describe what I’m dicking.


"Big bang"

“Big bang”

Luke also created a new piece of work just for us. A great chunk of Z-bone steak (lololol) with a whopping great bite taken out of it. Tasty.


Want to see more of Luke’s dicks? You can buy a couple of his works here and here, and you can follow his updates on Behance and Facebook.

Want us to show off your mad skills? We’re always looking for young creatives, students and graduates to showcase for our Monday feature, so send us an email with some samples or a portfolio link with the subject line “Mad Skills Monday” to and we’ll check you out!

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