Mad Skills Monday 037: Daniel Jamie Williams

Welcome to Mad Skills Monday, where we showcase top work from young creatives to bring some inspiration to beat the post-weekend blues. Today we wallow in the beautiful sadness of Daniel Jamie Williams’ illustrations.

Power tool: Pencils, paints and PCs
Power song: The Knife – Heartbeats
Power snack: Cheap Pinot Grigio and Mid-Range Brie

The work of Daniel Jamie Williams explores melancholia in all its shapes and forms. A combination of digital and hand-drawn images express a classical, gothic style often embellished with skulls, music and flowing tears. Prior to graduation he has already joined the Just Us collective, received sponsorship from Derwent Pencils and created several zines and gig posters.


Work produced as part of Daniel’s sponsorship with the Derwent Pencils’ scheme.


The Blues: a mixed-media zine showing a range of Daniel’s work.


Mellowing out to a sad song.


It must be really lonely to be a mythological creature.


Life is short…


The Opposite Of Hallelujah: A series of drawings exploring various interpretations of sorrow.


Packaging concept for a bottle of gin based on the song ‘Sorrow’ by The National.


While Await Me Only Worms: A zine exploring the origins of Halloween.


Currently based in West London, Daniel has just finished his degree in Graphic Design and Illustration. Check out more wonderful artworks at his website, online store, Twitter and Instagram.

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