Mad Skills Monday 044: Martynas Pavilonis

Welcome to Mad Skills Monday, where we showcase top work from young creatives to bring some inspiration to beat the post-weekend blues. Today we proudly present the spellbinding digital illustrations of Martynas Pavilonis.

Power tool: Pencil (digital or traditional whatever, it all starts from there)
Power song: Every day it’s a different one, today it’s Can You Feel My Heart by Bring Me The Horizon
Power snack: Black coffee and a cigarette

Martynas Pavilonis is an independent creative whose work draws inspiration from the night time and in particular how your imagination ‘awakens and creates things you would never see in daylight’. Nature also serves as a major influence, and these are combined to create forest landscapes where neon rays and mysterious beasts emerge from the shadows, evoking the styles of neo-romanticism and pop-surrealism. While this all may sound dark and spooky, Martynas’ work is, at heart, rather hopeful and endearing, and ultimately very beautiful.

Martynas_Pavilonis_1 Martynas_Pavilonis_4 Martynas_Pavilonis_5 Martynas_Pavilonis_6 Martynas_Pavilonis_7 Martynas_Pavilonis_8 Martynas_Pavilonis_9 Martynas_Pavilonis_10 Martynas_Pavilonis_11 Martynas_Pavilonis_12 Martynas_Pavilonis_13 Martynas_Pavilonis_14 Martynas_Pavilonis_15 Martynas_Pavilonis_16 Martynas_Pavilonis_17 Martynas_Pavilonis_20

Martynas is based in Vilnius, Lithuania, and is available for work and collaboration. You can follow his work at his website and Society6 online store, as also on Behance, Tumblr and Dribble.

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