Mad Skills Monday 054: Andras Csuka

Welcome to Mad Skills Monday, where we showcase top work from young creatives to bring some inspiration to beat the post-weekend blues. Today we escape to the colorful fantasy worlds of Andras Csuka.

Power tool: Airbrush in Photoshop and a Wacom tablet
Power song: The Lady in the Moon – Gabor Szabo
Power snack: Greek yogurt with strawberry jam

The 3D-effect illustrations of Andras Csuka explores fantasy elements through landscapes and shapes. Influenced by cartoons and surrealist art, his images often invoke a pareidolia in which objects are arranged into expressive faces. Andras treats this creative process as a form of escapism when not working on commercial projects.

Characters-by-Andras-Csuka Circles-by-Andras-Csuka Faces-by-Andras-Csuka Infinite-Flute-by- -Andras-Csuka Sealab 2020 and Mickey Mouse in Space by Andras Csuka Secret 7inch by Andras Csuka Skull by Andras Csuka Totem and Monday MoCo by Andras CsukaOne notable project is Raptures of the Deep, an interactive comic telling the story of a deep sea diver affected by nitrogen narcosis descending into a strange underwater world, illustrated with both moving GIFs and sound effects. Do check out the webpage for the full experience. Andras-Csuka- Animated GIF

Having recently graduated BA Design for Graphic Communication at London College of Communication, Andras is currently freelancing in London. Check out more of his work at his website, Tumblr and Twitter.

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