Mad Skills Monday 063: Alex Widdowson

Welcome to Mad Skills Monday, where we showcase top work from young creatives to bring some inspiration to beat the post-weekend blues. Today we have the crazy drawings and animations of Chin-Up collective runner Alex Widdowson.

Power Tool: Artline Calligraphy Pens (1, 2, 3 or 4mm flat nib).  I almost explicitly draw with these.
Power Song: Aphex Twin’s haunting remix of David Bowie’s Heroes, set to Philip Glass’ symphony of the same name.
Power Snack: Pomello, the perfect fruit. Unexpected, sweet and meaty.

Alex Widdowson is one busy creative – he helps run the Chin-Up arts collective, who hold biannual arts festivals in Kent, and gets involved with Kino London, a unique open-mic monthly film night. He also writes articles for myDylarama and the Animated Documentary blog, and serves as the artist in residence for the independant art therapy charity Sage Community Arts Space. When he’s not doing any of that, he makes brilliantly bizarre pen illustrations and comic strips filled with hilariously distorted characters.

Time to pack it up boys

Time to pack it up boys

Try Brick Wall(TM)

Try Brick Wall(TM)


Felt tipped selfie



If that’s not enough, Alex also creates traditionally animated short films and music videos. Here’s some interpretations of pretentious designers, performing musicians and X-rated giraffes…

Alex studied fine art at Loughborough University. You can catch up with his drawings on Tumblr here and here, and follow him on Twitter.

Want us to show off your mad skills? We’re always looking for young creatives, students and graduates to showcase for our Monday feature, so send us an email with some samples or a portfolio link with the subject line “Mad Skills Monday” to and we’ll check you out!

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