Mad Skills Monday 078: Inge Rylant

Mad Skills Monday yet again returns to get your week going with some creative inspiration. Today, we’re bringing you Inge Rylant’s eye-catching abstract work.

Power Tools: Adobe Illustrator – computer – blue bic pen – paper – printer
Power Songs: Dancing Anymore by Is Tropical – In A Manner Of Speaking by Tuxedomoon
Power Snack: Wine gums

Inge describes herself as a freelance illustrator, designer and print developer. As you might expect, that means her work covers an unusually wide range of physical and digital media. She’s been working independently as a designer since graduating in 2009.

“I’ve worked on projects that implement illustrations and design in a contemporary way and I’ve built quite an extensive and recognizable portfolio. I work for a wide range of disciplines and love to collaborate with different designers within the field of design, art and fashion.

“I’m a designer in the broader sense. For me, there’s no difference in disciplines like illustration, graphic design and scenography. They all evolve around shape, color and composition. My work isn’t limited to one medium, to the contrary, I work on paper for magazines and books, but also on textile and other materials in interior and fashion design.”

As Inge also says:

“You can describe my work, in a nutshell, as distilled illustrations and forms, stripped of all the unnecessary. I reduce objects to their fundamental base: colour and composition. Abstracting the everyday world is the essence of my work.”

The ‘back to basics’ style makes everything feel clean, fresh and concise. Her simplified shapes are just as recognisable as if they’d been created in detail. Yep, that’s definitely a mirror/towel rail/staircase, even when represented by some lines and flat colour. That pared-down approach to style translates effortlessly into real-world items such as the knives and forks below.

You’ll also notice the absence of human forms, something that Intern mag picked up on when they reviewed Inge’s work a little earlier this month. Goes to show that representations of reality don’t always need people for context.


Aquarium (short story by Ringo Gomez) – Luxe XL (de Standaard Magazine)


Oyster (cookbook Berchem à la carte)


Untitled (illustrations for Kewlox cabinet doors)


Cutlery (Valerie Objects – photo © Frederik Vercruysse)


Cutlery (Valerie Objects – photo © Senne van der Ven)


Cutlery (Valerie Objects)


Linda (proza by Ringo Gomez)


Play Time (book)


Play Time (book)


Play Time (book)


I Love Costa Brava (book)

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