ShellsuitZombie ‘VS’

50 students and graduates. 50 professionals. Two bands. Two DJs. Some beers. And unfortunately we will be there too.

Come one come all to witness a gladitorial battle – observe a series of physically and mentally gruelling tasks designed specifically to test us all. Grip your beer white-knuckled as your agility and nerves are put to the test. Or just help us unite the current and future leaders of the design and advertising industries at utilising a mixture of beer, chat and music.

Some people have asked so we thought we’d give you a bit of an update on who is coming along to VS (which is now in a week!). Here are a few of the rival industry crews who should be rocking up for a pint.

Creatives from:
Billington Cartmell
Morph London
Magpie Studio
The Plant

That plus students and graduates from all over London and the UK. Bring your uni down and REPREZENT.
We also have some lush giveaways and prizes (objects, posters, buttons and other ephemera) from Dry, Magpie Studio, A+B and ourselves.

Musical entertainment will be provided by two bands who have been picking up lots of radio airtime and have both recently released debut singles -

First up we have Keston Cobblers Club, a South London folk four-piece.
And second up it’s Harrison Hope, a North London outfit known for
melodic soulful rock.
As well as these two awesome live acts we also have a mega treat in the form of ‘The Liberal Democrats’ – a duo of DJ’s who have recently worked with Ali Love and Erol Alkan (including designing this Tee) and are currently working the London circuit. David Rudnick was responsible for the Annie Mac mini mix last week – believe us these boys will blow your socks off.
Download a free 80 minute taste of David Rudnick right Here courtesy of us.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, click on the poster up top to go straight to our shop, where you can pay the paltry price of £2.50 for your ticket (It will be £3 on the door, that’s if there’s even space!). What’s more, with the cost you will recieve a free badge and a poster on the day so you NEVER FORGET US.

7pm, Tuesday 16th of Feb, The Old Blue Last, Shoreditch. Drop it like it’s hot motherfucker.

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