The Next Step: So you’ve finished uni… What’s next?

So we’re getting to that time of year again, the season of all-nighters and 3am pj-clad Maccies-runs is drawing to a close and for many the relative stability of university life and academia is ending for good. So… now what?


Ermmmm… ruddy good question actually! For many of us, no one really prepares you for that first year after uni; what to expect, the steps to getting that first paid job, how to manage the big decisions and dilemmas you find yourself up against…

How do you get your first job when everyone wants 12 months experience? Do you do an internship? What if its not paid? What about freelance? How do you even go about starting your own business? Should you consider adding some digital skills to your background in print? Is it necessary to move to London to stand a chance? What if you end up on the dole? Or in a job so frustrating that it makes you want to pull off your own arm just so you have something to throw at people?


With these questions in mind we present ‘The Next Step’. Sounds a bit like Star Trek but instead of Patrick Stewart and those guys with the curiously erogenous melty ears we have 2 weeks of some epic words about all graduatey-type stuff.

Lined up are interviews with industry professionals, successful recent graduates from allsorts of creative disciplines sharing their stories and advice, how to survive the less savoury sides of first-year graduate life, features on all the key issues and if there’s any burning questions you want to ask us about along the way, as always,  just drop us a tweet  @ShellsuitZombie or an email at

And look, I’ve even compiled a Best Of Jean-Luc Picard cos I’m nice like that.

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