Star Wars minus Star Wars

One of my favourite YouTubers out there is Kyle Kallgren (a.k.a. Oancitizen). While most online film critics revel in making fun of bad movies for laughs, Kyle turns towards arthouse film, analysing the creative decisions and methods before concluding whether or not the movie is any good. His reviews succeed in being intelligent but still unpatronising and friendly to those who aren’t film experts, while still remaining funny and entertaining.

To demonstrate the cinematic power of Star Wars: A New Hope, Kyle re-created key scenes from the film using footage from dozens of other movies, along with TV shows and even a few games. All the music, dialogue and sound effects is taken from other scores, meaning there isn’t a single piece of footage of the original film, yet it is still easy to identify important moments and characters. Footage used includes films that preceded and influenced Star Wars (such as Seven Samurai, Metropolis, The Wizard of Oz), films influenced by Star Wars (Eragon, Dune, The Matrix) and some of its parodies (Spaceballs, Paul). All this pays tribute to the ways that cinema has evolved to tell engaging stories using the screen.

If you’d like to see the full footage listing and a visual comparison to the original, Kyle also created an annotated version here.

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