Students- Win Meditation Classes and LOTS of Money!


Are you a student? Would you like to learn to meditate? And win £2000 in cold, hard cash? Then this Will Williams Meditation Survive and Thrive Competition is the perfect thing for you! All you need to enter is to write 500 words on adjusting to university life (it’s a very wide brief, so you can afford to get creative with it) and submit it using the link above.

And why should you do this? Well, because you can win LOTS OF MONEY. Unless you are a Russian oligarch university is considered quite expensive these days and worrying about money distracts from all the valuable time you need to spend worrying about everything else. You could buy a tiara, or perhaps even something useful! The possibilities are endless when your bank account actually has some cash in it.

shut up im rich

Learning to meditate will also be helpful. Being a student is fun, but unfortunately it’s also one of those things that everyone likes to tell you is the most fun EVER, in a stream “oh my god aren’t you lucky to be a student you must be having the best time I wish I was a student again” conciousness. What people tend to forget is that along with all the youthful exuberance, new experiences and expanding horizons is a cold, gripping fear. Stress at university can be intense and it’s easy to get down in the dumps, which is only exacerbated by the fact that the accepted wisdom is that university will be the absolute best time of your life.

Meditation is a good coping tool for stress, so even once you’ve spent the money (or sensibly squirrelled it away- in which case you are a better man than I) you can feel calm and happy. Like this!


So all in all this is very much worth the afternoon it will take to write up the short essay, I feel. Good luck and all that!

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