The Next Step: 20 ways to avoid first job failure

A good thing about people is that you don’t even have to like them to be able to learn from their mistakes. But, you know, thanks for getting back to me with these top tips anyway. Fresh from the hands of the successful, here’s what not to do after you graduate:

  1. 1. Don’t think you’re better than those jobs or above any client/employer. Be humble.

    1. humble

  1. 2. Don’t tell everyone you make good tea, slag off comic sans, and use “hello” (in lowercase) as a title on your cv. Everyone’s doing it and it’s boring.

    2. tea

  1. 3. Don’t be predictable.

    3. predicatable

  1. 4. Don’t be antisocial in the field you work in. Get to know people, meet others, take part in events concerning your field. You never know when that person will be hired and could recommend you.

    4. social

  1. 5. Don’t take the summer after graduation off – strike while the iron is hot.

    5. holiday

  1. 6. Don’t stay on the dole for months waiting for that ‘perfect job’. You risk alienating yourself from an even half-decent job by racking up too much dole-time.

    6. couch

  1. 7. Don’t be afraid to try something a bit outside of your comfort zone – maybe consider freelancing? Or learning some coding? Most of the jobs out there include some digital work.

    7. awkward

  1. 8. Don’t stop learning just because you’ve left the comfort of University. 98% of your classmates who graduated at the same time as you have the same degree – what makes YOU different?

    8. special

  1. 9. Don’t be over-confident. Remember that you are still only a graduate which probably little to no relevant experience.

    9. overconfident

  1. 10. Don’t expect to reach the top of the ladder immediately.

    10 ladder

  1. 11. Don’t be a dickhead. No one likes a dickhead.

    11. dickhead

  1. 12. Don’t sleep with the first person to spread their legs, play hard to get.

    12. square

  1. 13. Don’t be lured in under false pretences. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is for your first job.

    13. let down

  1. 14. Don’t procrastinate and be one of those people that miss their shot.

    14. procrast

  1. 15. Don’t be complacent.

    15. complacent

  1. 16. Don’t give up.

    16. give up

  1. 17. Don’t miss an opportunity.

    17. opportunity

  1. 18. Don’t think it’ll come to you. Sitting on your arse gets you nowhere!

    18. sitting

  1. 19. Don’t forget to ask what’s happening in other agencies. You could be majorly undervalued or underpaid and have no idea about it for years.

    19. wattzup

  1. 20. Don’t stay quiet in the meeting room. Many companies value fresh ideas or at least the good ones should!

    20. job1
    20. job 2

If, like me, you dislike being told what you can’t do. We also have a list of things you can do right here.

Best of luck on your career journey, may your rejections be few and your experiences be plentiful.

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