Uncontained – 30 Days, 30 Creatives, One box.

From the 31st of May to the 12th of July we, ShellsuitZombie, will be taking over a box in the 55DSL Boxpark store and filling it with creativity. We have 30 spots in the box to fill, with each spot taking a day. We are looking for designers, illustrators, photographers, musicians, bands, brands and generally cool fucking peeps to take a day each and show off what they can do.

Why? Well, not enough people have a space in London to show off. It generally takes a lot of money and a lot of luck to get a spot on Shoreditch high street to do your thang. So to be able to run your own show, for free for a day is a good opportunity to get your name out there.

We are still looking but spaces are filling fast, so if you want in, have a look at our website for the event, www.uncontained.info or the printable PDF. Remember, you can do anything you want. ANYTHING.

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