Uncontained: Week 1 round-up.

As you may have noticed, we’ve been putting on an event in Boxpark, Shoreditch. Each day for 30 days a different creative individual or group will be taking over the the 55DSL store to do whatever they want! Here’s a round-up the first week, daily updates are available over at the Uncontained mini-site.

Uncontained Launch - 075

Uncontained Launch – 075

Day 0: ShellsuitZombie magazine launch
We decided – who better to kick the whole thing off in style than us… Beers flowed, DJ’s played, it was super fun.

Day 1: 20//20 - 036

Day 1: 20//20 – 036

Day 1: 20//20 Collective – The Aegis of Shoreditch
Our first day of Uncontained saw 20//20 curate a gigantic wall tapestry representing Shoreditch and the surrounding area. It featured the ‘Aegis of Shoreditch’, a tapestry on which visitors could hand-stitch a patch that embodied the local area and was unique to them, an interactive soundscape that allowed visitors to aurally explore a map of the district and a collection of photos from the area. A strong start.

Day 2: Aled Lewis 25

Day 2: Aled Lewis 25

Day 2: Aled Lewis – Majesty!
Aled Lewis graced the box with a weekend devoted to celebrating the queen’s reign. Not one to miss a trick, Aled filled the space with cut outs and screen prints of Lizzy, but not before putting his own stamp on each piece. Fellow flag waving Londoners were given their opportunity to have their photo with the queen and have for keepsake.

Day 3: Tea & Crayons - 26

Day 3: Tea & Crayons – 26

Day 3: Tea & Crayons – Jubilee Tea Party
Half of Tea & Crayons six piece collective collaborated on another huge illustration. The work was produced live throughout the day and featured elements encompassing the Jubilee, whilst staying in line with their own upbeat, colourful style. The day’s work was perfectly framed by a splattering of Oranjeboom after a couple of impressive shotgunned beers from the girls.

Day 4: High Spirits - 09

Day 4: High Spirits – 09

Day 4: High Spirits
The three girls of High Spirits flocked in on Wednesday the 6th to showcase origami in its finest hour. Spending the entire day as a production line for paper cranes, visitors were invited to wade through the ever-growing forest of colour and join in with the assembly of these wonderful winged creatures.

IMG 0721

IMG 0721

Day 5: LeeFest – Festival in a Box
After hundreds joined us to celebrate the launch of ShellsuitZombie’s 3rd issue on the previous Thursday, LeeFest stepped it up a notch. With Ghostpoet headlining the mini-festival in the 55DSL shop, crowds assembled for Sai’s DJ set and then really got jumping for Mean Poppa Lean’s crazy Brighton sounds. After dishing out over 1,500 free beers to the lucky lot its fair to say there may well have been a few ‘sickies’ pulled the next day.

Day 6: Matthew McGregor – Blow Me! (day 2) - 08

Day 6: Matthew McGregor – Blow Me! (day 2) – 08

Day 6: Matthew McGregor – Blow Me!
To close out our first week Matthew McGregor trekked down from Aberdeen with a gigantic canister of helium and a ton of balloons. Filling the box with brightly coloured balls of gas, the curious customers rose to the challenge and took it in turns to pluck a balloon from the ceiling and personalize it. The day’s proceedings culminated with a helium induced karaoke session that would have made the Bee Gees sweat.

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