Uncontained: Week 2 round-up

Day 7: Michela & Aurora – Buttons like thin rain that soaks you through
Our second week of Uncontained started off with more of a pop than a bang, as Michela & Aurora set out to cover the box from head to toe in bubble wrap. The space represented all forms of mainstream social media, whilst the bubble wrap poppers took the shape of the buttons we click instinctively. Colliding virtual reality with reality, friends of the duo, 55DSL customers and the general public were challenged to resist the temptation of bursting the tantalising air pockets.

Day 8: Rise n Shine - 07

Day 8: Rise n Shine – 07

Day 8: TD and Nadine – Rise ‘n’ Shine
The most energetic use of the box so far, Rise ‘n’ Shine filmed a spoof breakfast TV show ALL DAY LONG in the 55DSL store at Boxpark. They crammed equipment, set, camera crew, guests and fans into the container, broadcasting live to the web throughout the day. Covering hard-hitting topics including socks, toast and failure, this enormous entourage moved in and out of the store to conduct interviews with comedy guests and passers-by on the street.

Day 9: Acid Drops - 06

Day 9: Acid Drops – 06

Day 9: Matt Box – Acid Drops
Matt Box used the space to exhibit his watercolour paintings created on his incredible Acid Drops animation. He then used footage of customers and passers by to help start off his next animation, which will use a similar technique in order to match that unique style of his.

Day 10: Incidental - 13

Day 10: Incidental – 13

Day 10: Incidental – Feed
Founder of cross-disciplinary group of musicians, Incidental – David Gunn exhibited their latest iPad app called Feed. This highly technical app allows the user to mix live and pre-recorded sounds using touch. David demonstrated the futuristic mixing deck, with a live remix of poetry readings. Looping particular phrases and adjusting the pitch and tone on poet Jamie’s recital made for a fascinating listen, and one that made my ears feel like I had been using magic mushrooms as earplugs.

Day 11: Ammo - 16

Day 11: Ammo – 16

Day 11: AMMO Magazine
Ammo magazine collaborated with Inkygoodness and Ohh Deer to launch its ninth issue of their widely loved magazine. With the Inkygoodness beer mat competition in full flow, friends of illustrators and visitors alike popped in to check out the magazine launch and to get their hands on the latest work. It wasn’t long before we had a full house and put the wonderfully embellished beer mats into good use.

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