Uncontained: Week 3 round-up

Day 12: The Lost Archive
The 3rd week of Uncontained continued to amaze us with the passion and variety of exhibitors. With his Lost Archive project, Graeme Critchley turned the 55DSL store into a time machine, transporting us to the past through found photographic ephemera. Rooting around in skips, charity shops, drawers, attics and trunks Graeme has amassed a fascinating catalogue of discarded photographs. Many of these are annotated by the original photographers, providing a window into their thought process.

Day 13: Donshi - 32

Day 13: Donshi – 32

Day 13: Donshi – Boxart
Donshi and his merry men and women really put on a show. They filled the space with all sorts of artwork, including dozens of cardboard boxes of different shapes and designs. Throughout the day Donshi and his army of artists worked their way through the boxes, giving each one its own unique stamp. Incredible art by the likes of Soma and Laura Penman drew in crowds who shared a beer in the sun whilst bopping to a live DJ set.

Day 14: Amy Rodchester - 40

Day 14: Amy Rodchester – 40

Day 14: Amy Rodchester
Wednesday the 20th, and another great live art installation, using the Shoreditch public to create an ever-changing piece. Passers-by stopped to have their photo taken by Amy who then printed and cut out the photos and placed them onto a large, 3D poster. The thirty-odd subjects were asked to choose from a wide range of colours on which to print out their full body portrait. The colours represented the mood of the locals and the images gave a feel for the character of the area.

Day 15: Dayzine - 06

Day 15: Dayzine – 06

Day 15: Day Zine – Day 2
Day Zine brought us to the halfway mark of Uncontained with a wonderfully thought out collaboration on the second issue of their magazine. Double page spreads were distributed in 8 columns along the 55DSL unit’s wall. These columns were then assigned to a different member of the Day Zine creative team, who put their own spin on the day’s work. With poets, illustrators, designers and the general public all collaborating on this day-long project, we can’t wait to get our mitts on the final print!

Day 16: Stack - 19

Day 16: Stack – 19

Day 16: Stack – Stack in the Box
Stack’s very own Steve Watson closed out the week by asking subscribers and followers to vote for their favourite magazine cover from a pool of 17 outstanding design-led prints. Fans voted on the Stack website, twitter and some even popped down to vote for their pick. For every vote, an A4 print of that particular cover was immediately made. And starting from one end of the Uncontained box, Steve worked his way down the wall pinning up fresh votes as they relentlessly rolled in. With a great effort from fans of VMA, Anorak and Little White Lies, it was bike mag The Ride, with their distinctive illustrative style, who stole the show with an unassailable early lead.

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