Uncontained: Week 5 round-up

Day 21.5: Reactify – CTRL
Reactify is a music technology start-up that has recently been cranking out some impressive apps and installations. We squeezed them in at the weekend to demonstrate a very promising app called CTRL, which allows you to interact with a music and light installation using iPhones (that’s all we can say, the tech is under wraps for now).

Day 22: Pighouse - 47

Day 22: Pighouse – 47

Day 22: Ideas Tap – Pig House Pictures
Winners of the IdeasTap competition, Pig House Pictures had very little time to organise and assemble a gallery in the 55 box exhibiting some of the finest photography to come out of Falmouth university this year.

Day 23: PHNX - 003

Day 23: PHNX – 003

Day 23: PHNX – Church of PHNX
In what had to be the most bonkers day at Uncontained, Lauren Bowker dressed the entire box in black, importing pews, candles, a lectern, a huge glass funereal display, flowers and even a vicar. At 5pm the funeral guests arrived in their droves all dressed in black and enjoyed tiny bottles of gin as they mourned the death of her fashion brand PHNXin a fully scripted and enacted funeral.

Day 25: Future Shorts – ‘Bodies’ Music Video
We took on a rather over-ambitious task of shooting and editing a film in a day to be shown at a Future Shorts screening in the evening. We reached out to film directors, editors, planners and general film enthusiasts to help reach this epic feat. Filming the general public’s reaction with our chosen song (‘Bodies’ by Pale Seas) looping on the 55DSL headphones, we captured the thoughtful expressions on all sorts of characters. Everyone mucked in, helping shoot the video and record the ‘making of’ footage behind the camera.

Day 26: The Capture Collective - 15

Day 26: The Capture Collective – 15

Day 26: The Capture Collective – LDNxLDN
Started up in 2009 by Damola Timeyin, Capture Collective is essentially a group of people in and around London who are interested in photography. The only requirements are that you own or have access to a photo-capturing device. Running a competition in the lead up to their event, members of the collective were asked to respond to the London-specific brief in just 48 hours. The 20 with the most Facebook votes were then printed and hung in the gallery-converted unit.

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