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Entries now closed – keep eyes peeled for our future zombies to be revealed…
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ShellsuitZombie is the young voice of the creative industry. In a business funded by million pound projects and voiced by thousand-strong agencies, we represent the fresh, the recently graduated, the hungry and the penniless juniors. We have always done this proudly. However, we are now getting old.

Are you interested in designing, producing or editing a real magazine? Or maybe running raucous creative events in London and around the UK? Perhaps you love writing blog posts, articles and social media updates?
Whatever your reasons, we’re interested in you. We’re building the next generation of Zombies, a small group of creative types with a flair for their profession and a burning desire to be doing more than their day job/internship/final year of university. Having run SSZ for four years we are finally hanging up our ‘graduate’ hats and taking a step back to let others reap the benefits of being involved in what is, at the end of the day, a super fun creative project and a great way to meet lots of amazing people in the creative industry, something we have benefitted from hugely in these past few years.

Oh right, so you’ll just bugger off eh?

That doesn’t mean we’ll be leaving you in the lurch – oh no. As ZombieLabs we will provide constant support and contacts to help our new team make the most of the opportunity – getting you interviews with interesting creative types, some budget for spaces, help with promotion and anything else we can pull from our Zombie experience – as well as providing you with a brand spanking new website to get you going. We aren’t precious though so if you want to change how ShellsuitZombie works or what it produces it’s your baby.

Am I Zombie material though?

The only thing we ask is that you are either in your final year of study or your first two years after graduating and that you live in the UK (ideally with the ability to get to London on occasion for meetings). Also you need to be prepared to be involved for a year minimum – A ShellsuitZombie is for life, not just for Christmas.

So what’s in it for me?

We can’t pay you unfortunately but that doesn’t mean you can’t get some compensation for your time – check out this list of some of the stuff that could come your way.

  • Any money you make out of ShellsuitZombie will be yours to either use on future projects or reimburse yourselves with – we don’t need a cut.
  • The freebies can be sweet. We have been flown all expenses paid to Italy and have piles of free clothes and toys from our time, as well as being invited around the UK to universities, music festivals and creative events to represent.
  • Raise your profile! We’ve met some of the all time rockstars of the creative world, judged at awards ceremonies, given talks for students and industry, had a LOT of free tickets to things and generally been allowed to make a nuisance of ourselves.
  • The buzz from getting a print magazine out there and into 15,000 pairs of hands in one fell swoop is pretty magical.
  • If you actually put time and effort into ShellsuitZombie it’s a real CV booster.

So if that sounds like your cup of tea, have a read of the different roles and projects you can take on in this PDF and then apply! Please also forward on to any creative friends/colleagues/students you know. We will be having a pub get-together of potential Zombies before the end of 2012 – those picked will get to run the show in 2013 and make ShellsuitZombie ten times better than it is now.

Love you bye!

Jonny, Andrew and the Zombies

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