Welcome to copywriting!

Junior, brand new and soon-to-be copywriters: come to my/our free ‘welcome to copywriting’ talk at the end of April.

This FREE (hey, did I mention free) day is aimed at beginners. While we love and respect more experienced copywriters, those with 4 or more years under their belts might not learn as much.

There will be mingling, though. Everyone loves a good mingle.

There are 4 of us running this thing, and we’d love to welcome you into the crazy, fun, potentially lucrative world of copywriting. We’re also lucky sods who’ve been given the thumbs up for this event by the Professional Copywriters’ Network.

Kady Potter – @koisurukady

Freelance copywriter, Japan fan, larger than life (on the inside).

Honor Clement-Hayes – @mutatedmusings

In-house content writer, pint-sized imaginarium, darling of The Drum’s 50 Under 30.

Chloe Marshall – @re_scrawl

In-house copywriter, HMRC wrangler, chalk-o-genic life model.

David ‘Our Dibbsy’ Evans – @daviddibbs

Junior copywriter in waiting, social media manager, beloved by all.

Stuff we’re going to push into your brain

  • Ways to start building a client base and portfolio from scratch
  • How to make yourself and your CV look interesting
  • Why you’re not getting work, and how to start changing things
  • Where the proper money is, because it does exist
  • The pros and cons of being full-time, freelancing, and trying to do both
  • What NOT to do – tactics that are unlikely to work ever ever ever

An important note: we won’t be telling you how to write. We trust that, given you chose this career willingly, you’ll grow into an amazing writer in time without our input. You’re welcome to ask us about copywriting techniques, but we’re not doing example exercises or anything like that.

Should I take notes?

I would, if I were you.

Where and when?

At The Rag Factory, in central London, starting at 11am on April 30th. We’re deliberately running it on a Saturday so you don’t have to get time off from classes or work. The full address is:

16-18 Heneage Street
E1 5LJ

It’s right next to 12-14. Look for the face above the door.

We’ve formally got the room booked until 6pm, but stop and chat/network/drink with us after the talks.

Do I need to register?

This talk is now FULL. Sorry if you’ve missed out.

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