Work at W+K’s ‘agency within an agency’

Last year I became a member of a family called The Kennedys.

Not the Kennedys who are one of America’s most powerful political clans, but a small group of creatives living and working together in Amsterdam.

There was an Italian designer, two English art directors, a Polish journalist, a Venezuelan designer, a Spanish visual artist, and me, an English copywriter.

The youngest was 22, the oldest was 33.

We worked as a sort of nimble, experimental agency within Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam. And together we made work for some massive big-budget clients, smaller feisty clients and clients trying to save the world. Importantly, not one brief was bullshit.

In our spare time we rode bikes in our house, jumped off bridges, cross-dressed, tattooed people, went to a nude sauna festival, and achieved university-level hangovers. Or just baked cakes and got some sleep. It was lovely.

But we weren’t the first to find ourselves in this strange, utopian situation. We were the fifth incarnation of The Kennedys, which started at W+K Amsterdam in 2011, and includes alumni from most creative disciplines – with many of us staying on to work at W+K.


The Kennedys V with our dear leaders, Judd Caraway and Alvaro Sotomayor

Now, applications are open for the 6th group to come to the Dam. And, for the first time, the program will also be running at Wieden+Kennedy London.

You should apply whether you’re already in a creative job and want a new adventure, or, have just left uni and don’t want to stop drinking. It is weird, it is an experiment, it is the hardest work, it is the most fun.

So, take a look at the application questions on the site…”What are you most ashamed of?”…and start thinking.

I look forward to meeting you (and being properly jealous of what you’re about to get up to) when you get here.

The Kennedys is open to young talents with European passports only. The program takes seven months starting in June. Wieden+Kennedy covers travel expenses, provides accommodation for the period and pays those in the program a minimum wage salary. For more info read this post on The Kennedys’ blog.

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